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Drinky Poo












Fred felt the worst was over and started walking away but turned his head back.





“You can’t treat women like that here or anywhere else buddy.” Where were you raised? In a cave?




Drinky Poo abruptly disentangled his arm from Rose’s and belched and then pulled out a cigarette pack from his pocket.





He shook out a smoke, popped it in his mouth and fired up his lighter.




After a prolonged inhalation and scene assessment, he exhaled a blue cloud of cigarette smoke, which seemed to just hang there.





Rose fanned the smoke away from her face and moved back toward the Inn again. 




Drinky Poo scoffed, looking over Fred’s way. “You have no right to interfere. You don’t know the situation.”





He shoed Fred away. “Good night and don’t come back now ya hear?”




* What do you think was/is the situation? *




Fred was walking slowly backward now. “I don’t care if it’s Korea or Buttfuck, Nowhere. You can’t expect me to just stand back and let that happen.”





“Women are women, even in Korea.”




“Just for your information,” Drinky Poo said, then turned to where Rose had been but she was gone.





“See?” he yelled and threw up his arms. “You’ve scared her away and wrecked my meeting!”




* What kind of ‘meeting’ were they having? *




With his forearm he windshield-wiped the sweat off his brow again and then used his wrist to wipe drool from the corners of his mouth.




“This ain’t over. You’ll be hearing from me again. And you can take that to the bank. Speaking of Buttfuck, Nowhere – butt out!”





He then broke into a smoker’s coughing fit.




“Butt out?” Fred chuckled sarcastically. “Sage advice you might want to consider yourself before you hack up the rest of that lung!”





Fred had made his point and started to leave the scene.




“I’m a little disappointed in your behaviour,” Drinky Poo said getting in the last word. “Especially considering we’re both foreigners here.”




He coughed again but it was milder and he got it under control. “We’re on the same team dumb-ass, yet you just completely undermined me.




“You know, I’m the nicest guy in the world but when someone screws me over I bury them. You better watch your backside.”




* Who is this guy? *




Fred kept walking and was glad to get out of there.





As the comforting breeze massaged his face and arms he wondered how Drinky Poo had known he’d been a rent-a-cop?




Stopping momentarily and glancing back at the now receding rotary and the all-but-vanished flashing Hollywood Inn neon sign, Fred saw that Rose and Drinky Poo were gone.








Tomorrow: Fred remains concerned over Rose’s incident.