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Mr Go




Miss No




Restaurant owner








Raw Fish Rendezvous    

















The neon sign blinked faintly in the daylight as – moments ago – Miss No had arrived at her favorite restaurant.





Toting an executive briefcase (a cheap knock-off) that she’d bought herself for Christmas, she was warmly greeted by the owner.




“Long time no see,” he said. “Business meeting?”




She said nothing but raised her forefinger to show she’d answer in a second.





She was escorted to the private booth she and her family had been dining in for years.




Outside the booth she slipped off her street shoes and into the house slippers. She instructed the owner to make sure Mr Go made his way to the booth when he arrived.




The owner asked if she wished the usual alcohol – the North Korean red wine that had become a novelty in this restaurant – and she casually nodded.




“Please bring the bottle quickly. I’m expecting him any minute and want to have the table ready when he gets here.”





“And yes, to answer your question from a moment ago, this is a business meeting. A very special one.”




She leaned closer to the owner and lowered her voice in confidence. “He’s signing over his business to me today!”





She clenched her fists and shook them around excitedly, as if her favorite sports team had just scored a winning goal.




* What is No’s plan to officially get Go to do that? *




The owner scurried away and promptly came back with the stubby, thick green bottle.





“Because you have been a long time, loyal customer this bottle is compliments of the house.”




From her seated position on the booth floor, No did an upper body bow and nod. “Thank you so much. Once Mr Go arrives, we require privacy for a few minutes.”





“Please ensure that no one disturbs us. I will alert your staff when we are ready to order food.”




“Certainly, as you wish.” He pointed to a button mounted on the table. “Just give us a little buzz when you’re ready.” He slid the door shut succinctly.




Hastily delving into her briefcase, No hurriedly set up the Great Leader and Dear Leader portraits and the candles.








Go was almost at the restaurant now and the dark clouds in his mind had subsided – replaced with an ear-to-ear smile.





This is going to be fun. Now I get to be actor.




More comforting thoughts of Damion had flooded his mind and his strategy was all mapped-out.





Dame had spoken about acting; Go was intrigued – the concept of affecting peoples’ minds and moods with one’s movements was fascinating.




“Maybe I should become actor,” Go would say.




“You already are an actor,” Dame would say. “We all are – always. Just ask Shakespeare.”




The curtain would soon go up on this little act in the RAW FISH, with Go cast in his familiar ‘brainwashed subject’ role; only this time he knew better and would indeed only be acting.




Just ask Shakespeare.




He suddenly found himself in front of the eatery, glancing up at the showcase beside the door. There it was – that famous communist red wine that No would undoubtedly offer him shortly.




He found himself staring at it a bit longer than he wanted to, which served as a warning: Don’t let her get you in her grip!





The neon RAW FISH sign blinked at him, but in the daylight was only a dim flash.




* Will the lights still affect him? *
















Go jarred his head back and regained focus and then through the door he went. The owner greeted him with a deep bow and led him to the booth.




Go took off his shoes, placed them neatly down by the door and tapped lightly on its wooden frontage.





The owner hastily vanished, almost eerily.




“Come in sir,” Miss No said through the thin, ornamental door.




* What will the outcome of this meeting be? *








Tomorrow: Go puts his acting skills to the test.