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Joggers will know this scene.


You are out doing your thing – often in a new place like a travel city – and you notice a wall of onlookers.


Staring. Gawking. Judging?


For the self-conscious jogger I say you can never be shy doing fitness.




Someone once said to me “When you travel, you have to be creative with fitness.” Indeed.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever missed a day’s fitness in my whole life (as long as I’ve been ‘doing fitness’), and that includes numerous cities, countries, and other locations I may have happened to be.


For example, just this morning while I’m staying temporarily at a relative’s house, I did my customary 20 tricep curls with the nearest accessible weight I could find. That happened to be a 12-pack of pop that had been sitting up atop of the fridge.


For me, I never miss a day’s fitness. I put it on the same level as eating. For the average person, “Do you miss a meal?” Likely no.


So why skip fitness?


Cheers, mARTy West, editor, clickmARToons.com


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