Hi clickmARToons fan!

Gyms have been taken over by people with devices. It’s simply another incursion of private space into what used to be a purely public space. I don’t know how they do it. I can’t focus on my workout when I’m shifting back and forth between a device and a rack of weights. One thing though – all those folks seem to forget the rule that most gyms have posted: When you’re done your set, don’t rest on the machines – whether you’re checking texts (etc.) or not.

Cheers, Marty West, founder, clickmARToons


P.S. However! It’s okay to rest on a machine and check out your phone, as long as you’re catching up on COFFEE LADY AND THE GOLDEN GOD … our hilarious look at Canadians being humbled in the far off land of Korea. Check it out today and every day on BLOG!