Hello mARToons fan!

Today’s puzzle and its underlying comic is


based on a true story. While waltzing through


the supermarket one morning in Prince


George, BC I happened to observe on TWO


separate occasions “normal” well-to-do folks


snatching food samples. I was aghast and


appalled. Doesn’t the myth say that only


“poor” people steal?


Cheers, Marty West, founder, clickmARToons.com




Puzzle! And the changes are…

The woman’s watch

The woman’s necklace

The woman’s nose

The sale sign

The security guard’s shirt

The boxes to the right

More fruit in bin

The man’s hair colour

An extra box in the shopping cart

A trash can on the left




So far on Coffee Lady and the Golden God


Fred and Mr Go part ways…


The hilarious culture-shocked action continues today… Go BLOG!