Tomorrow: Shhh! Martoons gets political. CBC did a great job


a few weeks ago of whitewashing a theft scandal inside the BC


legislature. Maybe we’re not supposed to do a cartoon about it


because we don’t want to offend anyone at CBC or in the BC


legislature but … we just had to say something. But keep


things quiet eh?



Puzzle answers. the changes are:

  1. Woman’s skirt
  2. Steam on cup
  3. Removed window
  4. Extra paper
  5. Woman’s eyes
  6. Removed person
  7. Removed purse
  8. Changed building logo
  9. Yield sign instead of stop
  10. Added another person




So far on Coffee Lady and the Golden God


Fred realizes that he needs to look out for himself…


The hilarious culture-shocked action continues today… Go BLOG!