Hello mARToons fan!


Today’s cartoon is profound as the ‘behind


story’ is how people can change. Take myself for example. I went to


gyms for years and never wiped down a single bench or armrest.


Why? I figured my sweat didn’t stink. Then, alas, one morning I was


working out in the tiny gym in Ladysmith, BC. I finished a set on a


bench and set about to head to the next machine when another


patron stopped me and decisively pointed out that – yes – the ‘clean


the machines after use’ applied to me too. So I wiped down that


bench and have never looked back. Change is possible. And the


moral of the story is sometimes someone else has to get on your case


for that to happen. Sometimes it is a complete stranger.


Cheers! Marty West, founder, clickmARToons.




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