Hello mARToons fan!


One fallout from social media’s epidemic use is that public spaces


now have become little privacy bubbles. And with headphones used


by so many now (in public!), the situation is getting worse (although,


yes, the above cartoon is tongue-in-cheek!). Yesterday here in


Saskatoon: OK, it’s 40 below out and I’m waiting outside for


a pizza place to open at 11:00. I see the staff inside but he’s turned in


the other direction and can’t hear my persistent knocking. And he


had headphones on and didn’t get my attention for a good ten


minutes. Good thing it wasn’t an emergency – yet it was still irritating.


What’s the old dictum? Be aware of your surroundings?


Cheers, Marty West, Saskatoon, founder of clickmARToons.com




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