Hi clickmARToons fan!


Something interesting happened when I hired artists to draw cartoons for this website: They tended to take


my crazy original idea and make it more bland, palatable, ‘appropriate’, presentable … you get the point.


Look at these two examples:


In the top cartoon, the left side is the artist’s censored version. The slouchy guy in the middle was ‘cleansed’


of his homosexual tendencies. The right side is how I conceived it – and have now corrected it. 


In the bottom, the left side is the artist’s cleansed version. The radio host was censored for using the lord’s


name in vain. I’ve rehabilitated my original conception and it’s on the right. Both artists have gone their


separate ways. Any wonder?   


Cheers, Marty West, founder, clickmARToons.com




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