Hello mARToons fan!


Today is the second instalment of the mARToons Smoking Calendar. Part one was two weeks ago (clickmartoons.com/comic/mt652-smoking-calendar-1/) and you are encouraged to print these off and collect them. These beautiful (and hilarious!) COLOUR cartoons were written by yours truly and coloured by University of Saskatchewan (in Saskatoon) art major Cindy Cute. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT TODAY’S CARTOON AND COME BACK TOMORROW TO BUST A BRAIN CELL ON OUR “MISSING PIECES” PUZZLE!


Cheers, Marty West, Founder, clickmARToons.com




So far on Coffee Lady and the Golden God


No questions the soju tent owner about any white-bearded patrons…


The hilarious culture-shocked action continues today… Go BLOG!