Greetings from Scarboro, Ontario mARToons fan!


I am on a cross-Canada tour seeking new ideas for mARToons’ content and marketing, as well as technological improvements so I can set up office anywhere in the world!




Today’s cartoon stems from a real-life situation a few years ago…


I’m short-cutting through a school yard to avoid children and parents who – these days it seems – are freaked out by “strangers”.


I’m almost through when a young parent or guardian cutting through another area intersects with mine.


I say hello with the biggest smile I could muster yet the poor soul seems scared.


Folks! It’s the middle of the afternoon. It’s the edge of a school yard in Prince George, Canada. Get your mind out of that device and into the real world. It’s a pretty good place.


Let’s start to trust each other a bit more.


Hey! It’s puzzle day tomorrow. Take a look at this glass and steel monstrosity currently being built in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Tomorrow you will be tested on it! Bust a brain cell.


Cheers! mARTy West, editor,


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