Hi mARToons fan!


Earlier this year I met several artists in an effort to find one to assist with this mARToons Calendar.


I found several, and their excellent work is forthcoming.


One artist however looked at a few of the proposed images for this Prostate Sufferer’s Calendar, and abruptly excused (her/him)self from the interview, saying (he/she) wasn’t interested in the work and that (he/she) found it disgusting.


I thought that was too bad, because by working on this project ‘d bet dollars to donuts (he/she) would find the condition of the prostate sufferer less disgusting.


He/she might even have a few laughs, and in turn be able to educate others.


Cheers, mARTy West, editor, clickmARToons.com


Contact: west_martin@hotmail.com

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