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Canadians sure do love their space, don’t they?


Some years back I saw a brilliant and utterly hilarious marketing campaign (in Vancouver maybe?) about individual guys who were taking up an entire transit seat and then dozing off, or pretending to doze off.


How did they do it? They sat spread-eagled on the seat!


Anyway, just so you know, today’s cartoon is ‘inspired’ by true events.


I’ve been in a lot of saunas and the most outrageous thing I saw recently was a yoga enthusiast doing a complete routine on the entire upper bench of the sauna! The top bench is choice real estate in a sauna – that’s where the most intense heat (and health benefit) is! 


Another sauna I’d been at previously may have already had this situation. They’d post a note: ‘Please refrain from exercising or stretching in the sauna.’


The hilarious thing is that they actually have to post a note like that.


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