Hi mARToons fan!


How is the “cold and flu” season affecting you?


Instead of being in denial like a lot of folks around here in Ladysmith are, mARToons has been seizing on any opportunity to try new behaviours and routines.


Not using cash anymore.


WEARING A PROTECTIVE MASK – then folks see you’re for real.


Tell the dude behind you in the line to step back 6 feet (but don’t take it too far – some folks don’t want to play).


Taking a small stack of cash out of the bank so I don’t have to go there every couple of days.


On that note, though, the banks around here are cheaping out.


They could easily provide a canister of wipes on the ATM for folks to wipe off after doing their business.


Full marks to the grocery stores around here.


They are wiping stuff down before and after every customer.


So … enough of that. After doing today’s puzzle, do you have a


hankering to eat an apple?


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