Hi mARToons fan!


This cartoon got the ball rolling on “martoons”.


There I was, not so many years ago, new to Prince George BC and sitting in my ‘community centre’ of choice – the local Tim Hortons.


Just as I was about to bite into my goodies, I had this strange feeling that there were eyeballs all over me.


The way it is pictured in the above cartoons was pretty much the way it was.


I pulled my trusty chit pad and pen from my pocket (necessary gear for writers or drawers) and scrawled down the above.


The rest is history as they say.




Travel log day 2 (see yesterday for first part): Highlights, good deals and absolute rip-offs.


Arrived at Kenora, Ontario for the night. Big mistake.


This town is a rip-off for motel pricing.


The ones of the strip I’m referring to.


The line they use is, “We only have the Jacuzzi suite left,” which is $200 to $300 dollars.


The best one (a “deal” at $99) was the Traveler’s Inn motel, which has a swimming pool.


Now, I bear in mind that I simply drive up and inquire. I don’t have time to “go online” and “do research”.


On to Thunder Bay tomorrow! 


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