Hi mARToons fan!


Last year I had the first selfie of me ever, taken by a buddy in Vancouver (Steve Holy, nastiest bass player in Van), and the purpose was to send to a mutual really old buddy of ours named Matt James, now a history professor at a BC university; back then, a freak like us.


So get this folks: Steve Holy takes the selfie of he and I and then sends it to Matt, asking if Matt recognized who it was.


Matt texted back, “Isn’t he that guy from Kingston (Ontario, Canada) who had an orgone accumulator?” (We’re talking early 1980s.)


Yes he was. Indeed, I had such an appliance in my flat. (In case you’re interested, it seemed to work too!)


Other than that, I’ve never had a selfie inflicted on me, nor have I taken one. And don’t intend to.


Too much else out there in the world to capture in a photo.


Cheers, mARTy West, editor, clickmARToons.com


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