Today’s cartoon originally published October 2018.


Hi mARToons fan!


I have a problem with using computers to communicate.


Here it is: No latitude of understanding.


Give you an example: I am in the process of getting a copy of my mom’s marriage certificate (from 1963) from the Registrar of Ontario.


So I filled out the application online.


Here’s the general problem: If you have one piece of information wrong – “1962” instead of “1963” for example, you are told by the computer later that “NO RECORD EXISTS” and lose your payment.


The computer can’t figure out, “Oh, you must have meant 1963 and we do have a record for that.” 


In the “old days,” if you went down to the office, you could discuss the application with someone and hopefully get your document.


Ironically, I was able to physically visit the office this week (in Thunder Bay, Ontario) but encountered this sign on the door: “THIS OFFICE IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.”


In all honesty, that office does have a telephone number, but you get my point, don’t you?


Computers cannot replace people.


Computers don’t think.


Cheers, mARTy West, editor,




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