Hi mARToons fan!


Today’s cartoon was published two years ago on this site but originally drawn in 2013.


Things have changed a lot since then so really this is a historical artifact.


If we perused a flyer these days we would never see beautiful models half naked. No never, for two reasons: That type of marketing never worked and – more importantly – it’s so sexist.


So, all you sexists out there can long for the good old days when “sex sells” was one of the marketing truths of the times.


Think about it though – it’s not true that sex sells, it’s images, portrayals and narratives of sex that sell.


We don’t even need the real thing to be persuaded to buy something, a “sexy” picture will do the job.


Really, though, how can a picture be sexy?


It’s just a collection of pixels on a screen – pixels that have been airbrushed, manipulated, retouched, darkened, flipped, rotated, skewed and stretched far beyond what the original picture was.


Why? It work$.


Cheers, mARTy West, editor, clickmARToons.com


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