Hi mARToons fan!


Things have changed a bit since this cartoons was drawn about 5 years ago.


People yapping on phones seems to have gone down, but replaced by widespread texting use.


Several months ago – last spring – as I was about to leave Saskatoon for the summer, I took a deep breath and looked around me at the scenery.


I was on the U Sask campus. What did I see? People scurrying around in every direction, this way and that and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was looking down at a phone, texting while they scurried.


So what you say?


What were formerly public places have now been fragmented into innumerable private living rooms.


Martoons recommendation: Take a look up from your phone once and a while and see what’s going on in the REAL and UNMEDIATED world.


Cheers, mARTy West, editor, clickmARToons.com


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